is a SEASONED GUITARIST-songwriter BASED IN NEW YORK CITY, who has toured and recorDEd extensively and plays EFFORTLESSLY across genres. he always plays straight from the hearT, albeit, at times, irreverently.


“To this day, I don’t know why I told my mom I wanted to learn how to play blues guitar,” guitarist-songwriter Lorne Behrman says laughing. “My dad was a huge Elvis fan and maybe that rubbed off on me in some way, in terms of pursuing what I thought was blues.”

It wasn’t blues as a music convention that the New York City-based guitarist was seeking, it was blues as a feeling he was searching for. The warmth and rawness of in-the-moment expression; the purity of that heart-to-hands connection. “I remember one time listening to the great R&B guitarist Steve Cropper play ‘She Caught The Katy’--and it was a vamp on an E chord--and the way he played it was so precise, but also really personal and gritty. That sent me on a journey for sure,” Lorne reveals.

For 25 years, Lorne Behrman has performed and recorded with a varied array of artists and musicians, including The Vibrators, The L.E.S. Stitches, The Dead Tricks, The Dimestore Haloes, Brooklyn Militia (featuring former members of thrash legends Whiplash), soul legend Delia Gartrell, Tuk Smith from the Biters, Leonard Philips from the Dickies, and The Sweet Things, among many others. He’s played the Warped Tour; a soul residency at the Lennox Lounge; the Social Chaos Tour; featuring the UK Subs, The Vibrators, D.R.I., D.O.A. among others; toured extensively; and performed at notable venues such as Webster Hall and Brooklyn Academy of Music. He’s also appeared in movies such as Spike Lee’s Summer Of Sam and Alison O’Daniel’s The Tuba Thieves—in both contexts he wrote/co-wrote songs and appeared in performing musician roles.

He prides himself on being an individual artist and sympathetic sideman in a variety of genres, including rock n’ roll, punk, Americana, singer-songwriter, and soul. “It all comes down to being authentic, really prepared, and respectful of the songs,” Lorne says. “I spend a lot of time at home with a metronome learning songs inside and out so that I can play them freely and confidently in the studio and onstage.” Lorne is also fluid both as a lead and rhythm guitarist. “Each of these is an art and I devote dedicated time to working out my skills in each context,” he says. “I know that sounds kind of nerdy, but it’s such a bummer when a great lead player can’t lay down a good-feeling groove.”

As far as influences, Lorne counts a diverse mix as those who've shaped his aesthetic, including Ron Wood, Steve Cropper, Curtis Mayfield, John Frusciante, David Gilmour, Peter Green, James Williamson, Izzy Stradlin, Jimmie Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Danny Sage, Johnny Thunders, Kenny Burrell, Keith Richards, Mick Jones (The Clash), Paul Kossoff, and Bob “Derwood” Andrews.

Reflecting on his adventures with music, Lorne says: “I was speaking with my daughter the other day about learning. And I realized that I learned the most in life from music, whether it’s the ups and downs of the industry or moments of struggle yielding to mastery while practicing, music has given me so many profound life lessons, and I think that’s what the purest blues does for people.”




Artist Endorsement

Zemaitis Guitars



The Sweet Things – guitar, writer, performer

John Feldmann (producer The Used, Good Charlotte, Ashley Simpson) – co-wrote two songs for The Dead Tricks

Brooklyn Militia (featuring three members of Whiplash) – guitar, performed and recorded

L.E.S. Stitches – guitar, tours, perform, record

Dimestore Haloes – guitar, writer, performer

The Dead Tricks – guitar, writer, performer

Delia Gartell –  guitar sideman with the 1960s soul legend

Johanna Cranitch (White Prisms/Wheatus) –guitar sideman

Mike Gallo of Agnostic Front – he produced The Dead Tricks

The Vibrators – guested on lead guitar



Noted Tours

Warped Tour

Social Chaos: UK Subs, D.O.A., D.R.I.

Anti Flag/Bouncing Souls

Swingin Utters/U.S Bombs

Blanks 77



Movie/TV Appearances

Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam (1999)– co-wrote song and performed in the movie

Alison O’Daniel Tuba Thieves (2015) – co-wrote two songs and performed in the movie

NY1 News Channel (2016) -- with The Sweet Things on Record Store Day



Noted Venues

Webster Hall: Marlin Room

Webster Hall Studio

Bowery Electric


Beast of Bourbon

Harlem’s Lennox Lounge

Saint Vitus